Why Go Pro?Why would I hire a photographer, when I can just do it myself?

Hi All! First of all, I just want to give you a quick virtual hug because it’s Fri-YAY! I really do say that in real life, BTW.

Secondly, I just want to tell you what I’ve been up to for the past week. On Saturday, I loaded up in a car with 3 other amazing Girl Bosses, and we headed to Atlanta for Professional Photographers Association’s Annual Conference aka Imaging USA aka Game Changer aka Life Changer. I learned TONS of info, but what I walked away with the most was a greater love for my family, my business, and most of all myself. I roomed with an amazing girl, named Charlotte Fristoe (also an amazing local wedding photographer) who has a great sense of self. She is confident in herself, in her business, and in her relationships. She is definitely someone I look up to, and now aspire to be, in all aspects of my life. She’s not perfect, and she owns that, too. She’s just so…. I don’t even know. But I wanted to give her a little shout out today, because she really has changed my outlook on everything. Love you, Charlotte. Me and my tentacles. 😉

Now, on to greater things…

Why Should I Hire a Professional Photographer?

Now, this is not a blog post about me. Yes, I am a professional photographer, but it is not about MY business. It is about the difference between having a friend and a professional take your photos. There are lot’s of reasons I won’t get into, but I do want to touch on some, so let’s dig right in!

  1. Education. Professional photographers have access to and spend a good bit of their income attending workshops & expos, watching online courses, and joining local guilds and groups. We crave the knowledge because we love what we do. And yes, that makes us the best at what we do. We learn about lighting, posing, good client service, rules of a proper photograph, how to properly break those rules with intention, how to properly backup our images so they don’t get lost forever, and the best quality products to serve our clients. This is so we can provide not only amazing images (because we could do that without being a “professional”) but also because we want to provide the best, most amazing experience for YOU!


    A cell phone pic of me and my sweet friends at Imaging USA, getting our learning on!

  2. Experience Part 1. So, you just had a baby, and you want your friend with a fancy camera to come and take photos of your brand new, oh-so breakable baby. Let’s say you want your images to look something like a mix between Anne Geddes and Bellflower Photography (who did my studio newborn session, and blew me away). So your friend comes over, and just starts swaddling and putting the baby in a basket. Baby cries and cries, and after 3 hours of this non-stop crying, said friend goes home with nothing to show for it. When you hire a professional that has a specialty (like newborns, headshots, weddings, seniors, etc.), they know exactly what they’re doing, and how to handle difficult situations. They can control the environment with light, noise, temperature, and, like Kate Bellflower, soothing “shushes” that will put a grown man to sleep. They know because they do it all.the.time.


    Keeping baby warm and fed, and knowing how to utilize great light is key to a happy and successful newborn session.

  3. Experience Part 2. This is a different kind of “experience”. This is what you get when you hire a professional. We love to walk our clients through every step! As solopreneurs, for the most part, we crave for people interaction, lol! Get us out of our PJs and out of our house! So we love to meet for coffee to talk about your session and show you all the pretty products you can get! Do you love office supplies? Like spend hours in Staples just looking at all the fun pens and paperclips there are? Yeah, me too. And I feel that way about products, too! We love to help you style you and your loved ones for the session, and make sure that you look your best on the day of the shoot, whether it means pampering you with complimentary hair and makeup, or suggesting a great stylist to help you get ready. Even after the session, (and this is my favorite part) we love to see your reaction to the images! I love sitting down in my clients home, while we sip on wine and eat fancy cheese and watch the slideshow of your session. I always bring tissues (not just for my clients), and we help you make the right buying decision for your images. I’m not going to let you buy a 30×40 canvas of a head shot. We want you to invest in the process, not just the pictures. And we want everything to be worth the investment!


    Professionals are trained to see what the normal eye can’t. You see crappy porch. I see beautiful light and angle for a tall and skinny senior.

  4. Insurance. Ok, so this is a no brainer. If you hire someone who doesn’t have a business license, they probably don’t have a contract and they definitely don’t have insurance. How can you be sure that nothing is going to happen? Don’t you want to cover your bases for your wedding or your newborn session? Not to be doom and gloom here, people, but I’m just putting this biggie out there for you to mull over.

    Tallahassee Wedding Photography-17

    Insurance- because your wedding only happens once.

  5. Looking good. Ok, I know, I preach all the time to love yourself, but I still have horrible pictures of me, due to poor lighting and awful angles. We (and this goes with education) know how to pose clients from the athletic client to the curvy client. We know what lighting looks best to make your face look slimmer, and your hips look narrower. We know how to avoid double chin and raccoon eyes. We know how to get genuine laughs and sweet looks with your partner, and we know how to wrangle your toddlers to participate (even if for only 20 minutes- I’m not a miracle worker). We take pride in our work, and we’ll be damned if we let you walk away with anything less than perfect. I feel like I’ve said that before.


    Posing, lighting, and making you feel beautiful. Because it’s our job. And it’s what we love to do.

So, do you believe me? I’m not saying every friend with a camera sucks, and I’m not saying every professional is amazing, but the odds are in my favor here. If you’re looking to book a photographer for a very important session, I strongly recommend checking out these amazingly talented people here. Or, hey! You can just head over to my contact page here. (Ok, I know- shameless plug, but can you blame me?)

Happy Friday, Loves!