Meet the 2016 AHP Models

I have been keeping things under wraps while I prepared this announcement, so while it may have seemed like I didn’t have a lot going on, that was just on the surface. What lies beneath was meeting with and talking with these awesome 12 ladies, photographing them for their big debut, and putting everything together! So let me introduce you to the

2016 AHP Models: #whatseniorswant

I asked each of these girls to tell me a little bit about themselves, so we will be introducing them individually via the blog, so check back daily to see who has been featured, but in the meantime, I wanted you to meet them all at once.

tallahassee-senior-photographertallahassee-senior-photographertallahassee-senior-photographertallahassee-senior-photographertallahassee-senior-photographertallahassee-senior-photographertallahassee-senior-photographertallahassee-senior-photographertallahassee-senior-photographertallahassee-senior-photographertallahassee-senior-photographertallahassee-senior-photographer-4Leave a little comment love for these gorgeous girls! You’re going to see a lot more of these faces this year! I am SO EXCITED!!!!!

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