Senior Feature | Mary | Class of 2016

Meet Mary. She was so quiet, timid, polite, and perfect during our session together. Then, we had a group session, and she was surrounded by her friends, and she was loud, cracking jokes, dancing, and laughing the whole time. Night and day. But now that I know that side of sweet, sweet Mary, I give her lots of crap, and she gives it right back. Mary, you’re gorgeous, and funny, and your dance moves are on point. It was a blast to work with you!

Mary | Chiles High | Class of 2016


Are you bold, unique, and ready for an amazing way to culminate your senior year? Are you a dreamer? Do you believe you can do anything you want to do if you put your mind to it? Do you take the path less traveled? Then I would LOVE to talk to you about creating an epic senior portrait experience that is catered to who YOU are. Give me a call at 850-459-9204 or just head over to my contact page to drop a quick line.


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