2017 AHP Model Introductions: Madison |Leon HS

Let me introduce this beauty! This is Madison. Let’s find out more about her!

tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-1 copy


tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-2 copy

Her favorite snack is Twix. Yep, thanks Madison. Now I want a Twix. 😉

tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-3 copy

When she was little she wanted to be a doctor. Those are some big dreams!

tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-6 copy

After graduation, she wants to be on the cheer team at the local college.

tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-8 copy

Madison’s celeb crush is…can anyone guess? It’s another Channing Tatum crush here! These girls have good taste!

tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-9 copy

Through this modeling experience she wants to gain new friends and more confidence. I think we can tackle that!

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