2017 AHP Model Introductions: Kristen |Massion HS

This beautiful strong woman is up next! She’s so interesting. I CANT wait to tell you more about her! Let’s just get to the point. This is Kristen!

tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-3 copy


tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-6 copy

Her favorite snack is protein bars! I can’t say I share that snack fav. But, more power to ya girlie!

tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-8 copy

When she was little she wanted to be an actress! How fun!

tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-9 copy

After she graduates, she wants to go to college for Psychology or Nutrition. I think she would fit right in, dontcha think?!

tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-10 copy

Kristen is really good at working out. That one doesn’t surprise me. Not one bit! Keep at it girl. You look great!

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