2017 AHP Model Introductions: Kayla |Lincoln HS

Check out this beauty! I introduce Kayla. This sweet girl is pretty and interesting! Let’s get to know her more.

tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-1 copy


tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-2 copy

Her favorite candy is Blow Pops. Yum!

tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-3 copy

When she was little she wanted to be a doctor!

tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-6 copy

After graduation, she wants to be a Pharmaceutical Rep. She’s still interested in the medical field after all these years!

tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-8 copy

We’ve got another Channing Tatum crush over here. He IS one popular man with these ladies!

tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-10 copy

Kayla wants to be more comfortable with herself at the end of this modeling experience. We will do JUST that, Kayla!

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