2017 AHP Model Introductions: Cristina | Lincoln HS

Cristina is our next model introduction! She was cracking me up the first time I met her, and I have a feeling we’ll be doing that over the next 12 months! She’s also kind, but super funny, and oh so gorgeous!

Cristina | Lincoln HS | AHP 2017 Model

Let’s get to know her, shall we?

tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-1 copy

Her favorite candy is watermelon Sour Patch candies. There’s one in every crew, and here she is! (Those are pretty much my favorite, too!)

tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-2 copy

When she was little, she wanted to be a veterinarian. She still loves animals. In fact, she sent some pics of the cutest little kitties, looking for a home in the modeling group. Of course, she, of all of the girls, picked up some stray kitties. When I asked her what she was really good at, before this even happened, she said “Finding Stray Animals”, haha! Well, there you go!

tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-4 copy

After graduation, she plans on going to TCC.

And her celeb crush? None other than “Hey, girl” Ryan Gosling.

tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-7 copy

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