Meet the 2018 Muse CrewA new year, and a new crew.

I’ve been specializing on HS Seniors for a while, now, and this will be my 4th team to hit the blog. I can’t tell you how many times photographers in my area have asked me why I chose seniors. It never occurred to me that people didn’t see the appeal. You guys and ladies are so much fun to be around! First of all, fashion has my heart. I went to school for Fashion at FSU, and meshed my love and skill of photography into creating fashion styled high school senior portraits. That’s where this all came from. It was like a drug. Once I photographed my first senior, I wanted more. If I could shoot exclusively Seniors all day everyday, I would. And my team of these amazing ladies is the way I can do it, and get a break from babies and head shots.

I started with 3, and added 1 more part way through the year, my first year. The following year, after extensive research, I had 12, then 14, and this year we have NINETEEN models. It’s amazing, and I am humbled and blessed to be able to get to know, and work with these amazing ladies for a whole year! I changed this year from calling it a model team to a Muse crew. Why? I don’t want my team to have the stigma that you have to be 6 feet tall and 100 lbs soaking wet. The word “model” these days, has a bad rap, and I want my team to show diversity in looks. So, instead of being a “model” they are a Muse. They are my muses.

Now, meet the Muse Crew of the Class of 2018.

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