Kristy | Tallahassee Glamour Photography

Meet Kristy- Mother of 2 beautiful children, wife to a wonderful husband, recent FSU graduate, and making it all look easy! She is much like the rest of us, strong-willed, selfless, loving, funny, and beautiful, but also, like the rest of us, doesn’t know it! This session was super special to her, who said “I’m not photogenic”, and cried at the photo reveal, when she saw just how beautiful she is! Her favorite photo is the one of her laughing, and she exclaimed, “I never think I look pretty when I laugh!” Oh, but you do, Kristy! Time to see what the rest of the world sees! Enjoy!tallahassee-couture-glamour-photography-2tallahassee-couture-glamour-photography-2tallahassee-couture-glamour-photography-2tallahassee-couture-glamour-photography-2tallahassee-couture-glamour-photography-2tallahassee-couture-glamour-photography-2tallahassee-couture-glamour-photography-2tallahassee-couture-glamour-photography-2tallahassee-couture-glamour-photography-2

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