Kathy- Tallahassee Glamour Photography

Meet Kathy- a beautiful hard working mother of 2 beautiful girls, and a wife to a wonderful and loving husband. They’ve been married for 19 years! She doesn’t look old enough to have that under her belt. But I love that they’ve been together for so long! She had a glamour shoot for herself, and we added her husband and kids in for a few great family photos, and some beautiful photos of her gorgeous daughters. I had a blast working with this awesome momma! You look as hot today as you did 19 years ago, Kathy! (Maybe hotter!)

Ready for your beautiful Glamour Session? Are you ready to pamper your deserving self for a day? Contact me and I’d be happy to chat more about feeling glamorous because you absolutely deserve it, and I believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful no matter what’s she’s been through or thinks about herself. It’s more of a therapy session than anything else!

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