2017 AHP Does GI Jane

It was cloudy, and drizzly, and the perfect setting for our GI Jane shoot. I wanted to do a fun “in the woods” theme session that wasn’t centered around “hunting camo” because, you know, we do live in Tallahassee, and hunting is pretty popular around here. I wanted something different though. Like a bad ass army chick. These girls nailed it in every sense of the theme. Love this series!

AHP Senior Models | GI Jane | Tallahassee Senior Photographer

tallahassee-senior-army-hunter-photo-1 tallahassee-senior-army-hunter-photo-3  tallahassee-senior-army-hunter-photo-13 tallahassee-senior-army-hunter-photo-15tallahassee-senior-army-hunter-photo-4 tallahassee-senior-army-hunter-photo-17

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