2017 AHP Does 70’s Road Trip

It’s summer time! Time to pack up and head out on the road. I grabbed the 2017 model crew to do a fun ’70’s style Road Trip theme. Special shoutout to Nidia, Jennis’s mom, for letting us borrow the Bronco. The hubs is super jealous.

AHP Models: ’70’s Road Trip | Tallahassee Photographer

tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-1-Exposure copy tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-3-Exposure copy tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-4-Exposure copy tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-8-Exposure copy tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-12-Exposure copy tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-13-Exposure copy tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-16-Exposure copy tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-17-Exposure copy tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-18-Exposure copy tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-21-Exposure copy tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-33-Exposure copy tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-39-Exposure copy tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-42-Exposure copy tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-46-Exposure copy tallahassee-senior-fashion-photo-47-Exposure copy

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