Meet Kristen, The Beautiful Momma to Be (Any Day Now!)

It was Tallahassee’s first cool snap, and the sun was setting warmly over the city. I drove out to meet with Kristen to have her maternity photos done, She was 36 weeks, and was expecting Baby E. to show up any day. It was a beautiful day for a photo shoot with her, and her fiancé, Lee.

Gorgeous Tallahassee Maternity Photo Session

We did an in home session, considering the beautiful land they live on, and a couple of little lakes just a  minutes drive away. I love this town for all it’s beauty it provides me at every photo session, and I love how this one turned out!








Thank you Kristen for being such an awesome person. I really did have a lot of fun!!! Can’t wait to meet Little E!

Thinking how your little bean is making his/her debut soon, and that you haven’t even thought of capturing this amazing time of your like? Contact me now, and we can chat over some Starbucks, and you can ask me a million questions, or one. I look forward to it!

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Happy Friday!


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