Oliveri Family Session | Tallahassee Family Photographer

When I talked to Robin for the first time, her enthusiasm to work with me just made me giddy all over. This is why I love referrals. They already know me because their friend knows me. And I feel like I already know them, because any friend of a client is a friend of mine. There’s some saying about surrounding yourself with like minded individuals, but I’m terrible at remembering that stuff. Pretty sure it pertains to the connection with Robin, though.

Oliveri Family Session | Tallahassee Family Photography

Then, I met her family on the day of the shoot. Now, in all honesty, doing a “family reunion” style session, with multiple families, groups, and ages, especially when it’s all older kids, I get a little sweaty palmed. But I am not kidding when I say that the minute I met each of these awesome members of the family, I felt right at home. No one was fake, rude, unhappy to be there, or uncomfortable. It was a DREAM session. I felt like I was just bossing my own family around. As a matter of fact, I replayed some things I said at the session, and was a little embarrassed about my candidness. But then, Google informed me that Robin wrote me a glowing review, and I was giddy… again.

So meet the Oliveri family- the ones I can cut up with easily, comfortably, and whom make me giddy!




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Think you can top that? I’d love to try! Thank you, Robin.¬†Truly an unforgettable session.

Want to know how you can book your family session (only if you’re as cool as Robin and the gang), then click here to contact me. We’ll chat, click, and have some fun!

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