As I Am Model: Ava S.

Funny backstory, here. Remember when I photographed my first wedding at 7 months pregnant? Chris and Melissa? Ok, click here for a refresher. Well, they actually got married at Ava’s family farm. This is when I first met her. That was 3 years ago, so needless to say she has grown up quite a bit since then. Now she is a warm, kind, and confident young lady. We started off with some fun modeling, and she did great, but I could see she reeeaaaallly wanted to go run through the fields with her sister. So, we moved on to the second outfit, which showcased her passion.

tallahassee-grad-fashion-photo-2 copy   tallahassee-grad-fashion-photo-19 copy


Her passion is all things art. She brought a huge portfolio, and started showing me all the things she’s done since she could pick up a crayon! It was really amazing, too. I could never. (That’s why I photograph.) So when she sat down for our second set of images, she got lost in her own world. No longer yearning to run through the fields, no longer looking or talking to me, just in her zone. It was really cool to see. She just was. She was queen of that world, and I was not about to disturb her. These were my FAVORITE set of images of her. Let’s check them out, shall we?

tallahassee-grad-fashion-photo-5 copy

As I Am Model: Ava S.

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