Breastfeeding Lifestyle Session |Steph and Baby C | St. George Island Photographer

A little backstory about this session. When I first became a photographer, my cousin, Stephanie, was so sweet to allow me to take her maternity pictures. They were lovely. But cliche because, let’s face it, I was just starting out, so Pinterest was my absolute Bible to photography, and cliche was the name of the game. We got some non-cliche ones, though, so yay! Fast forward 2.5 years later, and Stephanie was preggers again! But she was a teacher, and a mom, and trying to just survive a toddler and pregnancy, and of course, as it always happens, she blinked, and baby C was here. Oops, no maternity pics.

Lifestyle Breastfeeding Session | Beach Session | Tallahassee Photographer

But she and I have a deep love and understanding of the importance of breastfeeding, not only for the health of the baby, but the bonding it creates for a mother and child. We also DGAF what people’s views are on breastfeeding in public. It’s a baby, it’s hungry, feed it, and not in the same place that people defecate. Don’t get me started- I am VERY supportive of this stance.

Because her first child (the Bean’s best friend/cousin) weaned before she could do a session with her, we agreed that we would get baby C before she had to go back to work. So, the beaches of St. George Island was the perfect backdrop to a juxtaposed session from our very first country styled maternity session almost 4 years prior. So, ladies and gents, I present to you Steph and Baby C, in a beautiful Florida breastfeeding session.


Cousins, being cousins.

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Thank you, Steph, for allowing me to capture this amazing and incredible bond between a mother and her child. Happy World Breastfeeding Month!

If you are interested in having your own Breastfeeding lifestyle session, head over to my contact page real quick. I have special packages for this type of session. Have a great weekend, all!

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