As I Am Model: Lea

I’d like to introduce you to the next As I Am model, Lea. She was a little quiet initially. Very polite, but very quiet. As a Senior photographer, I typically have no problem getting those girls to open up and relax, but Lea was different. She had a lot of wisdom in her eyes, and I felt like she was kind of an old soul. She was relaxed, definitely not uncomfortable, but just calm, cool, and collected.

tallahassee-tween-fashion-photo-13 copy

That is… until she put on her second outfit. See, she dances. She is a very good dancer, too, and based on the comments I received from her loved ones, she is like a mother hen in her class, making sure all her little chicks get it right and understand the dance. They all look up to her. And when she came out with that white skirt on, she exuded confidence. Without further ado, meet Lea.


tallahassee-tween-fashion-photo-4 copy


As I Am Model: Lea


It was so much fun working on this project, and I can’t wait to share more sessions with you! Help me finish off this product with a little ego boost for Lea in the comments below!


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