Creating Memories: Digital Photography for Moms




Do you have a digital “Big Girl” camera that sits on auto? Have you always wanted to learn how to get that blurry background?

This 12 page e-book will take you through all the basic settings and do’s and don’ts to up your photography game! Take beautiful images of your little ones using the know-how of composition, exposure, depth of field and more in this quick guide.

Topics covered:

  1. The Gear
  2. The Lenses Breakdown
  3. Exposure: Noise and ISO
  4. Exposure: Shutter Speed
  5. Exposure: Aperture & The Blurry Background
  6. Settings: Raw vs. JPG
  7. Settings: Camera Presets
  8. Settings: White Balance
  9. Lighting
  10. Composition: Rule of Thirds
  11. Composition: Leading Lines
  12. Composition: Framing

Creating memories Preview

Please note, due to the immediate delivery and the digital nature of the product, purchases are non-refundable.


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