Starting something new

While I’m trying to be better about blogging, I’m also thinking, “What do I write about when I don’t have any sessions to blog?”
Well, I do have sessions to blog, but more on that later.
Anyhow… What to write. What to write. Oh, how about documenting my oh so exciting life? Ok!
While I can’t write you a novel because I’m on my phone (so don’t be mad when I say “te” instead of “the”), I will leave you with this adorable picture of my little Emma Bean. It was game day and she was not (and still isn’t) feeling well, but she had her Seminole gear on and gave momma one big smile to bring sunshine to her day!

PS You actually can be mad when I write “te” instead of “the” because I’m a stickler for bad grammar and spelling and want to kick my own ass when I don’t check my work!

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