Dusting off the Cobwebs

So, I know you’re thinking I must have fallen off a cliff, right?

Well, I kind of did. After having the baby, the business has gone by the wayside, and so has just picking up my camera. But you know, that’s ok with me right now.

I have enjoyed lots of unforgettable moments with my little 3 month old, because as everyone tells me, it goes by so fast. I don’t want to spend what little time I have with her right now behind a camera trying to get her posed just so. I don’t want to spend the time I could be giving her a bath,in front of the computer updating facebook or composing an amazing blog post.

No offense, but you get it, right?

Tallahassee photographer

Well, things are finally starting to get a rhythm again in my life, and I think I am ready to start getting everything back in order. Thanks to a great friend who is going to help me streamline my online presence, I think things are looking up!

I’m not going to say “stay tuned” because every time I do, I drop the ball. So… just wait and see!

Happy Monday!

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