Monday Ramblings- Sharing the Love

I’m a family photographer. Uh, duh. And so are about a bazillion other people, but one of the greatest things about being a photographer is the photog community. They are so supportive, helpful, educational, honest, and amazingly talented! I’m not naive- I know there are some out there to be hurtful, not helpful, but I’m not talking about them.

I’ve joined an amazing community on Facebook recently to meet like minded people, and have found some great photogs there  who are willing to share and joke and critique, and although we are all photographers, we have totally different personalities and clientele to match. Here are some of my new friends:

1. Svetlana at

2. Kelly at

3. Ling at

4. Feuza at

5. Chris at

Just wanted to share the love! Love you guys!

PS Just got back from an AWESOME weekend camping. If you follow me on facebook, I’m sure you saw all the #camplife instagram photos, but here is my favorite shot taken from the Canon:

travel photography

PPS I have an announcement coming up next week that I am SOOOO excited about! If you don’t want to miss it, well… you’ll just have to sign up for email updates of the ole bloggity!

Happy Monday! Love to all of you out there!

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