Air Plants? Say What?!

Through my constant scouring of the interwebs, I stumbled across an article on Free People about a plant that requires nothing but air and an occasional misting to grow, and I thought, I’m gonna get me some of those! But you may be asking yourself:

Air plants? Is that even a real thing?


air-plants-2Well, according to the guy at Home Depot, they are not. I googled it while standing in the outdoor section, doubting any credibility he had against the internet. If it’s on the web, it must be true, right? But of course explaining to the kid that there exists a plant that requires no soil, no nutrients other than air and misting of roots made me sound a little crazy. Especially when I told him I read about it on a blog. I don’t think guys read blogs, do they?

As I started really doubting myself, I came across this article on Apartment Therapy about a designer named Josh Rosen and all the awesome things he’s doing with design and air plants. I knew I wasn’t crazy! So, I called my most trusted resource. The one place I knew would have it, even if no where else in Tally did: Tallahassee Nurseries. Of course they carried air plants! So we jetted off to find a HUGE selection of all sorts of different air plants. They were all different shapes, sizes, colors, and they were all beautiful. (And the ones I got were only $5 a pop, so if I killed them, I wouldn’t be out too much!)



I bought 2 and eagerly headed home to add a little green to our home. There are absolutely no plants in our house. We kill them. We take better care of things that will nag and and tell us that they’re hungry or thirsty. Squeaky wheels get fed in our house. Otherwise, you’re gonna die.

So, I placed one in a beautiful piece of driftwood, and clipped one to our pallet art. I absolutely love how they bring in a little outdoors in, and you can bet I’ll be buying more. It’s just so beachy, which is exactly what we like!


Some things to note about air plants:

1. They only need a misting of the roots daily during the warmer months, and once or twice a week during the cooler months. Or you can soak them for 10 hours every 10 days or so.

2. Your house needs to be between 50 & 80 degrees (and if your house is any cooler or hotter than that, please don’t have me over).

3. You can put them anywhere! They literally grow just from being out in the air. They make cool glass terrariums and structures for the air plants, too. Josh Rosen makes amazing pieces to house your air plants. You can check those out here. But, I like my pallet art and drift wood placement.

We will definitely be getting more, as long as I don’t kill these! I love having plants in a home. It just makes it feel more connected to the earth, you know?

Do you have air plants at your house? How did you incorporate them? Leave some pics in the comments below. I’d love to get new ideas!

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