Top 10 Fashion Tips for Your Winter Engagement Session in Florida

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all are nursing your hangover with some delicious greasy breakfast foods this morning. I am so excited to be heading into the new year with guns blazing! I have exciting things in store for my blog readers, and even more for my newsletter subscribers. (So you should totally sign up here for special offers, early sign ups for minis, etc.) So, as a kick off to my new year plans, I wanted to give a big CONGRATS to all my newly engaged couples out there! (I got engaged at Christmas time, so I know what an amazingly wonderful time this is for you!) I know you’ve already pulled up your Pinterest app and started perusing, so I wanted to help a little with your engagement session.

What to Wear for A Winter Engagement Session in Florida?

This is not just any session. It’s north Florida, so it’s going to be bone chilling cold, but it’s not snowing, so how do you dress for something like that? I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 fashion tips when putting together your look for your engagement session. Most of these looks came from Pinterest or Polyvore, so refer to the source, and get to shopping! (You gotta love those New Year sales!)

    • Pop of Color with Neutrals: Put together creams, browns, khakis, and throw in a pop of color with a scarf or a pair of shoes. It creates depth and adds visual interest!
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  • Tights with bold shoes: Nothing says “I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!” like a little black dress, and some red shoes and red lips. Vibrant blue is also pretty awesome.


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  • Keep it casual and neutral: Don’t overthink it, if that’s not your style. What’s in his closet that you can make work? You can both wear jeans, and some neutral tops and accessories, and your love will shine through the session! Think about wear you’re going to have your session before you do this, though. You want to make sure that your neutrals blend in with your surroundings.
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  • Accessorize, and bring a blanket: It’s cold! I’m not kidding when I say we have some bone chilling temperatures, and nothing warms up a photo more than you and your man (or woman) snuggled up under a blanket. It makes for an easy, and not cheesy prop.

engagement session winter what to wear

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  • Texture: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Texture is what makes a photo interesting! Whether that’s with layers, accessories, or fabrics, it just makes a photo go from good to great! Think chunky knits, sateen paired with wool, jacquard, etc.
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  • 1 Pattern, 1 solid: Mix it up, visually by paring a plaid with a solid. One pattern is enough, but if you are all about busy, add more! I like this plaid shirt with the patterned scarf. Just enough of a subtle pattern added to the bold full shirt pattern.
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  • Get Dressy!!! Have another reason to bust out that New Year’s Eve dress! You spent all that money, why not get professional photos done in it? Sequins, lace, taffeta, a ball gown. Who cares? It’s your engagement, so why not look like a celebrity?


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  • Layer: Ok, layering adds visual interest. Are you catching my drift? Cardigans, jackets, scarves, shirts under sweaters, hats, so on and so on! Bring it. If it looks ridiculous, your photographer will tell you. In a nice way, of course. Plus the more layers, the warmer you’ll stay!


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  • Get all PNW-y. Yep, it’s a thing. What would you wear to a photoshoot if you live in Oregon? You’ve got the cold (you’re missing the snow) but why not get that look for your session? Think plaids, cardigans (for him), chambray, beanies, beards, man buns, and mountains… Ok, we can’t control all of it, but if I could, I would.


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  • Be YOU! There is no image for this because you are all different. Be true to yourself. It’s important to bring a couple of outfits to your session, so if you are feeling the casual neutral and the glitzy glam look- do it! If you just want to wear a sweater and boots the whole time, do it! This is YOUR time. This session is meant to not only announce a Save the Date, but to emulate your relationship with your fiance before you enter a new chapter of your life. Who are you? You may not still be that person 10 years from now, so capture it while you have it. You won’t regret capturing the young silly, giddy love you two have for each other right now. Trust me.

One more thing. Schedule a hair and makeup appointment for this. If you already know who you are going to get to do your hair and makeup, they may want to do a trial run-through and your engagement session is the PERFECT opportunity for that!

Congrats again on your engagement! If you want to get special session offers, freebies, etc. sign up for the newsletter! You may even get a sweet deal on your engagement session!

PS Photographers, wedding vendors, blogs, etc. all call this an “e-session”, so when you’re googling, use this term too!





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