Fashion Friday | Time to Celebrate, ‘Merica!

The 4th of July is tomorrow, and as in typical ‘Merica fashion, it’s time to throw on some cute red, white, and blue threads, crack open a beer (or beverage of your choice), eat a hot dog and watch some fireworks. That’s right. This is how we celebrate our Independence Day. Jean shorts, processed mystery meat, and a lot of “Hold my beer and watch this”. So, I’ve scoured the interwebs for the cutest of 4th of July looks for you! (Warning: There may be things other than jean shorts on this list 😉 )

Fashion Friday | Red, White, and Blue Jeans

what to wear 4th of july 2015

White dress with colorful accessories? Yes please! This gorgeous studded Rebecca Taylor dress ($595) is perfect for the lakeside fireworks show, paired with a cute red BR belt, and Clair Vivier clutch. Photo via.

what to wear july 4th 2015

Check out this adorable romper from Revolve Clothing. So adorable. Throw it over your white bikini, and pair it with some cute gladiator’s, and you’re all set! Photo via.

what to wear 4th of july 2015

This adorable throwback star studded swimsuit from J. Crew is so adorable with this striped tunic (LemLem), and Modcloth floppy hat. Perfect for a beach BBQ! Photo via.

what to wear 4th of July 2015

This adorable cutout dress from Loft ($49.50) is perfect for a cool night watching the fireworks. Pair it with a white denim jacket and a straw hat for a more casual look. Photo via.

And because I’m a Southerner, and I promised you some jean shorts…

what to wear 4th of July 2015

These Topshop shorts are freaking adorable. A high waisted, ’70’s throwback with faded stars and stripes. Yes, please! Pair this with a white vintage tee (maybe with some sort of ’70’s rock band? I’m thinking The Ramones) and some white Keds, and you’ll be the coolest one there! Photo via.

What are you wearing to you’re 4th of July party? Inquiring minds want to know. In the meantime, I’m going to see if these shorts ^^^ can be delivered to the middle of nowhere SC by tomorrow! (Lake vacationing this year for the 4th. You?)

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