Fashion Friday | Post Christmas Shopping Trip!

Christmas is over. Tiny shards of wrapping paper and tinsel litter your living room as a reminder of the rush and chaos that was Christmas Day. You sigh, maybe shed a tear that it’s over, but then… you remember all those gift cards you received, and it’s time to go shopping!!!

I wanted to share with you my top 5 places to blow free money spend your gift cards after the holidays, so you know where to find me!

Top 5 Picks for Post Holiday Shopping

1. Spriggs Laid Back Luxe. Yes, we are partners, and they help me style my Seniors’ wardrobe for their sessions, but there is a reason I wanted to work with them. I LOVE their clothes!!! They just opened a new location (months ago) in Market Square next to Momo’s. It’s huge, and they have so much more merchandise! Each wall is a look, and every fixture builds a new entire outfit for you. It takes the guesswork out of everything, which is why I absolutely love shopping at boutiques. Not to mention the girls that work there are absolute sweethearts. If you want to see what they have to offer, you can follow them on Insta @spriggslaidbackluxe. (I took these photos in September, so they are a little out of date, but you can see the pure fabulousness here.

spriggs laid back luxe, tallahassee, florida

2. Urban Outfitters. I am so stoked that UO opened their doors here in Tallahassee. Not only do they have the most amazing clothing line, but the home goods? Yes, please! I could decorate the entire house in UO with enough gift cards, lol! Cups, candles, throws, and the occasional vintage record player has me daydreaming of living in a loft apartment in New York City, throwing swank parties, and crashing galas downtown.

urban outfitters shopping post christmas

3. H&M: Where has this store been my whole life? Yes, all the fashion bloggers shop there, but we never got one locally until recently. I was tha-rilled to say the least. They have amazing pieces with very little cost. You can get an entire outfit for under $50! I know, right? That dress? $24. Those shoes? $12 (on sale). You see my point, right? {drool}

H&M shopping post Christmas

4. Loli & the Bean. The cute name may throw you off. After all, Emma is a bean, is she is damn sure cute. However, when you walk into their newly renovated clothing side, you’re in for a surprise. They have the cutest clothes, and every pair of Jack Rogers imaginable. Currently I am obsessing over the assortment of Piko tunics they have. Gotta get one!

loli & the bean post christmas holiday shopping

5. Anthropologie. No, we don’t have a local store here, but there’s always online! Not only do they have looks to die for, but their photography in their ads is something I personally love. I try to channel my inner fashion photographer when I’m photographing Seniors, and Anthro’s look is one I strive to emulate. Back to the clothes, though, right? Yes! The thing I love about them is that they are definitely leaders in fashion, but their look is so comfy and cozy to me. I just want to shrink down and curl up in their knitted scarves and hibernate. KWIM?

anthropologie post Christmas shopping list

And there you have it folks! If you haven’t had a chance to visit these stores, I strongly recommend that you do! I only recommend the best for the most fashionable readers, so take my word on this list. 🙂

Hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday! Bring it on 2015!

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