Fashion Friday | New York Fashion Week Wrap Up

Well, it’s over. Sniff, sniff. Until next season, anyway! (Besides, now I’ll be watching London Fashion Week, then Paris, Tokyo… you get the point.) So, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the week.

  1. Proenza Schouler: Lots of little details made the show here- intricate lines, black ties replacing buttons on jackets and shoes, and a feather dress that was absolutely swoon-worthy.

    Via the Guardian

    Via The Guardian

  2. DKNY: With new designers at the reigns, Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow showcased a classy monochromatic look for SS16. A definite throwback to the ’90’s was seen, with white shirts peeking out under midi dresses, along with some interesting asymmetrical hemlines.

  3. Micheal Kors: One of my favorite RTW designers, this year was no exception. “Easy elegance” as it was dubbed by The Guardian, and true to form, lots of flowing fabrics, oversized shirts tucked into a faded mustard suede skirt, eyelet studded black dresses, and a conservative amount of leg. I am in love with it all! Bring on Spring!

  4. Coach: Dubbed “the sense of romance and freedom” Stuart Vever’s did not disappoint with the debut of Coach’s SS16 collection. Last spring it was all about the big floral prints, but it looks like next spring, we will be reverting back to our Little House on the Prairie patchwork prints full of homestead color and tiny flowers. Accessories come embroidered, and apparently the half moon crossbody is going to be a big trend this Spring. I love it. Makes me want to run through a field of grass. (Ok, not really. But you get it.)

  5. Jeremy Scott. Because it’s Friday, and we need to have some fun! This show was called Barbarella, and rightfully so! Straight out of a 60’s Disco-A-Go-Go, this collection makes you wanna jump on a table and do the Monkey. So, just for funsies…

  6. Public School: This was a biggie this season. Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne showed lots of long lean layers, and in the spirit of their DKNY debut, the looks were very monochromatic as well. While the overall look is rather effortless, their attention to detail is what gives them some designer street cred. From decorative toggle cords to loose straps and precise slits, they used just the right details to make this line stand out from the rest.

  7. Phillip Lim: While Lim is known for his more masculine cuts, his SS16 brought a nice touch of femininity with floral prints, satin sashes, and ruffled hemlines. And that parka. Oh yes, must have.

  8. Opening Ceremony: Never one to just have a runway show, this show was filled with models “falling” on the runway, only to wrap up with an entire dance down the runway with dancers for the New York Ballet mixed in amongst the models, performing a dance as a tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright’s daughter, who was a dancer. The collection was inspired by Lloyd Wright, with a very architectural lines in each piece.

  9. Victoria Beckham: I have loved watching the VB line ebb and flow throughout the years, and I’m not much for making people into idols, but this girl has most definitely got her shit together. Who knew that our little spice girl had such talent in fashion design? Long flowing fabrics, pops of color or bold prints accompany solid basics. Long flowing skirts and pants were accompanied with some rather comfortable looking loafers (from Gucci).

  10. Alexander Wang. Let’s wrap up with the 10th Anniversary celebration of Wang’s creations. The runway was filled with street-style looks, from bomber jackets to deconstructed denim, but it’s that amazing army surplus sleeveless parka that I’m eyeballing. Yes, that is on my wish list.

So, there you have it! Can’t wait to see what transitions into spring trends! I’m seeing lot’s of army style jackets (bombers, parkas, etc.), attention to the small details like buttons, zipper pulls, etc., mini floral prints, and more suede! What do you think? Am I right? Do you see another trend in the making? Enjoy your weekend, loves! See you next week!

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