Fashion Friday | Fashion Bloggers on Instagram you have to follow

Are you on Instagram? If not, you’re probably not reading this right now, cuz that’s where most people have been finding me these days. Sorry, Facebook, but you can suck it. Just kidding, I still need you, but I don’t like you. Annnyyywaaayyyy…. I love Instagram. I fall down a rabbit hole of people to follow at least like 3 times a day. I have to do a purge every now and then, just because I get so Follow happy! But even though I follow some sketch people from time to time, I do still find some awesome people to follow too! Most of them inspire me for my fashion posts, so I owe the success of this blog to them, haha!

Fashion Friday | 10 Fashion Bloggers You Have to Follow on Instagram

I thought I would share my love for them so you can check them out too, because who doesn’t love coveting gorgeous outfits on Instagram?

1. Manrepeller. I’ve talked about her before, as she is my inspiration in all things fashion bloggy, but her insta feed is awesome, and she is hilarious. Seriously, the way she writes is the way I speak, so I think we could be life long friends if we ever met. (Hint, hint, Leandra.)

Good fences make good neighbors and good bathing suits make great blouses #liketkit

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2. Sarahloven. She is #bohogoals. She is riding around the US in an airstream, doing photo shoots in the most obscure, yet beautiful places in beautiful gypsy clothes. She has her own blog, Ready, Gypset, Go that is truly gorgeous, and will give even the most stable person mad, mad wanderlust.

3. WeWoreWhat. This chica is absolutely stunning, and according to an article in Harper’s Bazaar is making in the 6 digits, just being a fashion icon on Instagram. Seriously. I don’t know how I can get into that, but where do I sign up? She is a model, though, and has an agent and gets sponsorships from big name fashion houses, so… Oh, and she’s 23. Yeah. KMN.

birthday girl ⭐️ in @reformation and @chloe

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4. MissAlissa. This girl is edgy, unapologetic, and gorgeous, with amazing style. Yep, more #goals. And she loves to dye her hair pink from time to time, which I love.

5. FreePeople. Yes, they are a company, but they are so relatable, it’s like they are just a person. And their clothes, and their images, and their style. I love it all. They have separate accounts for each store, too, so I follow those too! They have a wonderful blog, though, so if you’ve never checked it out, do it, and you’re welcome. It’s a lifestyle blog, not just images of their beautiful clothes (which I am working on with mine- not just Senior Photo Shoots all the time).

6. FolkRebellion. These people are all about unplugging, and they sell their own merchandise that encourage you to do so. As an avid camper, and outdoor being (I know, what?!) I love the “idea” of unplugging, but the only way I can do it succesfully is when I have absolutely no service. So take me into the woods, throw up a tent and start a fire. Only then can I truly unplug, but they remind me to keep at it. There’s a lot of great things out there that we’re missing.

Hot tamale @jlwlirk looking muy caliente in our 'stay curious, stay human' tee. People ask why we say this. Steve Jobs said famously "stay hungry, stay foolish" and we couldn't agree more. The ironic thing we see is that due to some of his technologies people are no longer taking the mental leap for things like what to read, what to listen to, research, etc. We are allowing the tech to automate us. We no longer need to recall simple info like meetings, bdays, phone numbers and the seeking out of new bands, books, news is served up to us on silver platters which is just regurgitating more of ourselves back to ourselves. Gone are the days of a good debate, good lie, or good old fashioned problem solving. The mantra stands as a reminder to us (and hopefully you) to step outside the instant gratification of info and return to curiosity….make mental leaps, get lost, argue without google and then try and prove your argument. The world is amazing to discover. Stay curious….not automated. #folkrebellion #staycurious #stevejobs #automation #unplug #sohohouse #alifealive

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7. EvaChen212. She is (well, was, depending on when you read this) the editor-in-chief for Lucky Magazine. She is a fabulous instagrammer with fabulous style (and I might even love her snapchat feed even more), and I hope to God that she still is doing her thing when she departs from the magazine. She is hilarious, and I could stare at that adorable chubby baby of hers all day. Too cute. (She also posts a lot of foodie pics, if you’re into that kind of thing. Which I am.)

8. Blank_Itinerary. So, stripes. Lots of stripes and lots of vintage, and I love both, so I love Paola.

9. New Darlings. Her bangs, his beard. It’s a hipster match made in heaven. Her style is so laid back, and I just, well, I want to be her. (I got my bangs before I knew her, though, so shut it.) They are such a cute couple, and so well dressed, you can’t help but fall in love with them.

10. LucyWilliams02. Lucy is my resort wear go to. Her style is very relaxed, yet put together, bohemian, yet classy. Plus she’s always somewhere tropical, so I can get my wanderlust fix.

Who are you’re favorite fashion instagrammers? I follow a lot of photographers. I mean A LOT. And models. So, I’m always looking for some real people to share their lives with me, rather than work, work, work. Let me know in the comments, and I’ll be sure to check them out!