Fashion Friday | Dressing for Your Body Type | Rectangle

Today we are going to talk about everyone’s dilemma- dressing for your body type. Sure you know what’s hot, what’s not, and Pantone’s color of the year, but how do you dress YOUR body? Excellent question! In the coming weeks, we will cover different body shapes, and what sort of style will compliment your body type the most! Let’s get started today with the Rectangle.

 Dressing for Your Body Type | Rectangle

How to dress for your body type

You have a rectangle body shape if:

  • Your slender upper body tends to be the same width as your slender lower body
  • You consider yourself “boxy”

A lot of athletes fall under this category, as they are super fit head to toe.

Your wardrobe goal: Create curves through hemlines and colors

Wardrobe DO’s:

  • Experiment with color! Wear a bright top with dark denim, or a dark top with bright bottoms to accentuate one or the other.
  • Scoop neck, sweetheart neck, & v-necks are your friends!
  • Angular shaped jackets and kimonos or cardigans that are angled at the waist will create the illusion of a more shapely waist.
  • High place focal points- buttons, pockets, embellishments, etc. draw the eye to where you need it to draw- either the chest or the booty!
  • Cinched jackets also create an illusion of a waistline.
  • Peplum tops or dresses- the flare will draw attention to your hips!
  • Flowing pants with a crop top. Eyes will be drawn to that little bit of skin which will definitely accentuate the waistline. (Careful, this can also be a Don’t! See list below)

Wardrobe DON’Ts:

  • Crop tops that hit the top of your pants. This will definitely create a boxy look, with no curves.
  • Overall clingy clothes, such as tight dresses with a square neckline.
  • Oversized shirt with baggy pants.
  • Boxy jackets
  • Mini Skirts.

As you can see, you need to look for items that have their own shape to them already. If they look like a box on a hanger, they will most likely look boxy on you too!

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