Fashion Friday | Dressing for Your Body Type | Hourglass

Ok, let’s do a quick recap: if you are shaped like a rectangle (straight, chest, waist, hips practically all the same width, usually athletic) click here. If you’re shaped like a pear (Curvy waist, smaller chest and wider at the hips, most common shape of women) click here. On to the coke bottle!

Dressing for Your Body Type: Hourglass or Coke Bottle


The purpose of these posts is to help guide you in deciding the FIT of the item of clothing. Not the style, texture, color. We all have great taste in fashion, right? But what looks good on her may not look so good on you, and vice versa. It’s usually because of the shape of your body. Today, we are talking about the coke bottle shape, or hourglass, if you will. This lady has the same width chest and hips, with a slim waist line. The key to dressing this body type is to proportionally dress the top and the bottom, while accentuating the waistline. Let’s look at some do’s and dont’s to help guide you in making the most of your gorgeous curvy silhouette.


  • Wear tops that accentuate your waist such as: belted tops, wrap tops, blouses with darting under the chest
  • You can totally get away with more form fitting tops and dresses. Just be sure to draw attention to that little waist of yours with a belt, or dissecting lines (like a wrap dress).
  • Scoop necks, v-necks, and sweetheart necks look great on you!
  • Empire waisted dresses and tops are totally flattering to your bust and your waist.
  • Bottoms are pretty much anything goes: pencil skirts, straight leg, bell bottoms, boot cut, skinny jeans. You have it easy!
  • Pair the bottoms with a complimentary top, though. You don’t want bell bottom pants with a empire shirt with bell sleeves. (Or maybe you do! So vintage!)
  • High waisted bottoms with large waist bands are very flattering for you.
  • Maxi dresses are great, so long as it hugs the waist and the bust


  • Not too many don’ts here, but avoid frills and ruffles located at the bust or hipline.
  • Try to avoid stiff fabric, like corduroy, thick denim, thick linen as these don’t drape, rather they put you in a box.
  • Wear pants with pockets right on the sides of your hips.
  • High necklines that cover up your chest.

Like I said, not too many don’ts for these lucky girls! Overall, just remember, accentuate the waist any way you can!

Happy shopping!


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