Fashion Friday | Camel is THE FALL Color

I am all about neutrals, like greys and black, and I never really thought I would care too much about camel. If you know me at all, I am pale, freckled, and let’s face it, any similar skin color I apply all over is just gonna make me look naked. No one wants to have to do a double take, thinking there’s some crazy naked lady walking around the mall, amiright? But Camel. It’s a different hue. It’s not too dark, and not too light, and everyone this season is wearing it in a monochrome way, and I actually really love it! So, in regular Fashion Friday… um, well, fashion, here are some super cute monochrome camel looks you should totally try out this winter.

Fashion Friday | Camel in Monochrome

I love this faux leather skirt with a camel trench. #1 item on my list for winter- a wool camel trench. Timeless, much?

Then there’s the ever so chic sweater dress. #2 on my list of things to buy for winter. More sweater dresses.
This looks like something a James Bond chick would wear at a ski resort in Switzerland. Aaaannnddd, I love it.


And this is a street style I can totally dig. Love the beanie to bring it down to a more casual vibe.
Fall for Camel Color


Oh, and Kim K. totally pulls this off with her olive skin, in case your wondering if it works for those with skin other than translucent, lol!
Celeb Fashion Week Street Style: Kim Kardashian Monochrome


And then, when you’re feeling a little more earthy.
Untitled #297


And there you have it, fashionistas! Camel is THE COLOR this fall. So, go have fun being monochromatic! Leave a comment below with what your favorite look was! Or if you hated them all, let me know that too! Just let me know your thoughts!

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