Fashion Friday | Affordable Winter Accessories & Outerwear

Despite the warm weather we’ve been having lately, I’ve already started buying my cold weather pieces, because Christmas is a state of mind, not a number on a thermostat, right? Well, I’m going to be bundled up in some cute photo shoots, even if I’m sweating my ass off. It’s just cuter that way. (Well, the looks, not the sweat!) I took a look around the interwebs for you ladies, and gathered some of my favorite winter accessories under $50 because, let’s face it- we may only get to wear it a handful of times this year. (Oh, Tallahassee, and your unpredictable winters.) Let’s get to it!

Fashion Friday | Winter Accessories & Outerwear Under $50

    1. Let’s start with the Poncho. I love poncho’s with a tribal pattern or plaid, but I hate the plain ones. I know you can probably use the plain ones with more looks, but honestly, it looks too “old” for me. Ok, I may have one… but when I put it on, I feel old. Here’s an adorable boho poncho from Forever 21, and it’s less than $20. It may fall apart after 3 washes, but just take care of it, and pray that it won’t. Worst case scenario, you have to buy another one. It’s STILL under $50 for two, lol!


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    2. Hats! Yes, I have yet to buy my winter, burgundy (excuse me, I mean Marsala), but I haven’t found one that I loved that didn’t cost an arm and a leg… until now, and coming in at $17, yes, please! (Technically, this hat is called an oversized Fedora, but I need one of those, too, so two birds, right?)

      Dark Red Wool Oversized Fedora

      Dark Red Wool Oversized Fedora (see more wool hats)

    3. Slouchy Beanies. Different than hats, and I adore slouchy beanies! Definitely a must have for camping trips, and hikes through the woods. This one is from Nordstrom’s, believe it or not, and comes in right under $25. It also comes in 4 colors- beige, black, charcoal grey, and Marsala. Which color would you pick? I’m leaning towards the beige.


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    4. Blanket Scarves. I love blanket scarves for sitting by a campfire, wrapping yourself up in a cozy blanket scarf, and getting mesmerized by the fire. It’s one of my favorite things about winter. Campfire sing-a-longs, solving the worlds problems, and staring into the dancing flames for what seems like forever. This blanket scarf will ultimately make you look super cool while doing all that.


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    5. Lace-up Boots. It’s the perfect time for these, and sometimes, I just feel a little moto and a little country mixed into one. So these plaid lined Rock & Candy’s Combat Boot is the perfect combination. They’re on sale right now, too, at Nordstroms, for just under $40. Can’t beat that!


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    What’s your favorite? I think I need more hats in my life. Definitely need more hats. What about you? Leave a comment below telling me what your favorite winter accessory is going to be this year. I’m always looking for an excuse to go shopping!

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