Fashion Friday | 10 Ways to Wear Denim This Spring

Denim. In the winter, it’s paired with boots, boots and more boots, but Spring has sprung! And there are so many great new trends for denim that I am loving, so I decided to share with you my favorite looks. (PS Skinny jeans are so out, according to Google.)

Fashion Friday | Best Denim Looks for Spring

1. Overalls. Yes, I said it. I haven’t worn a pair of overalls since 2001, and they were khaki from American Eagle. Senior year of high school, and I thought I was hot shit. And honestly, I loved that outfit. I was so sad when they weren’t in style anymore. I’ll see if I can find a pic of me wearing them. I’m sure it exists, I wore them all.the.time. And they’re back!

denim trends spring

Photo Credit Sincerely Jules

2. Wide leg jeans. Yes, the ’70’s stopped in, stole your skinny jeans and replaced them with giant wide leg jeans. I have some from Banana Republic that I bought years ago, but I need to get them tailored. Ugh. Glad I never throw anything away!

denim spring trends

Photo Credit: H & M

3. The Canadian Tuxedo: Part 1. Chambray with denim. Now, yes, this can go horribly, horribly wrong, but in this photo from The Urban Spotter, you can see you just need to do it with the right accessories. Here, she wears a chambray shirt and denim shorts in a similar wash, with an oversized trench. This is hot. It is. ’nuff said.

spring denim trends 2015

Photo Credit: The Urban Spotter

4. The Canadian Tuxedo: Part 2. Denim jackets and jeans. Woah. All I can think of is the clip from Super Troopers. Farva says, “Where’d you get the Canadian Tuxedo, Denim Dan?” I love that quote. Then, there was this:


Don’t do that. Please, for the love of all that is fashionable, don’t do that. Ever. But you can pull off a jean jacket with jeans IF they are 2 different colors. Check out how Emma Stone wears her denim on denim. (I love her, btw.)

spring denim trends 2015

Photo Credit: Refinery 29

5. Light wash. This was very popular in the ’90’s. It’s been popular for a while, but it is most definitely coming full force this Spring. You can wear it as a skirt, shorts, or my favorite, distressed boyfriend jeans.

denim spring trends 2015

Photo Credit: 7 For All Mankind

6. Cut off shorts. Yasssss, Queen!

So, I have tons of Gap jeans from when I was younger, and they are so short. Like nerd short, so I am so excited that cutoff jeans are back in style, cuz I’m taking scissors to those suckers. But I usually ruin them, and they are never even, so I recommend you just go buy some. Check out the fabulous Chrissy Teigen in these cutoffs from One Teaspoon.

denim spring trends 2015

Photo Credit: Who What Wear

7. Clean Denim. No fraying, bleaching, whiskering (that IS a word). Just clean straight up denim. It is a great look to turn from 9-5 to happy hour with a quick removal of your cardigan, and a little red lipstick.

spring denim trends 2015

Photo Credit: Vogue

8. Culottes. Ok, to be honest, I’m kinda hoping this is a one season deal. I hate culottes. Well, I hate how they look on me. I’m not super short or super tall, and I just look awkward. Clearly, I won’t be buying these this season, but I know a few incredibly tall and thin women who can definitely pull these off. You just have to have the body (and confidence) of a supermodel. I think I know a few. 😉

spring denim trend 2015

Photo Credit: Elle

9. Button Down Denim Skirts. Yep, another throwback, but one that I am interested in, but not quite ready to take the leap. They were sprinkled on the runway from Chloe to AG Jeans, you can now shop them on Zara, Top Shop and H&M. I have watched Jess, from The New Girl, wear these for 2 seasons in a row, and always thought it was precious, but I just don’t know, still… But I’m not against it. What do you think?

spring denim trends 2015

Photo Credit: InStyle

10. And that, ladies (and maybe a few gentlemen) leads us to the last, most questionable and unforseen trend on denim. Patchwork. Yes, you heard me. Putting patches on your denim. Fabric pieces, squirrels, band names, flowers. There’s just something so questionable to me about this trend, but when my insta feed exploded with pics of the Barney’s Pop Up Shop of Anya Hindmarch’s Sticker collection (yes, stickers for your $3,000 handbag) back in March, I started to believe that Patchwork denim just might be a real thing. That’s up to you. I’ll just keep mine clean or torn for now. I’ll save the patches for next time around.

So, there are some loves and not so much loves for me on that list, but you make the call! If you love, you will look good in it, no matter what! What’s your favorite denim trend this Spring? Is there anything on this list that you hate?

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