Coconut Oil. Huh! Good God, Y’all! What is it Good for? (& 50 ways to use it!)

As a teenager, I never really gave lotion a second thought. Unless, of course, it came in an obnoxiously fruity smell from Bath and Body Works. Country Apple was my scent, y’all. As the years went by, I fell in love with cocoa butter (which was a lifesaver during my pregnancy), and then I had a baby, and who has all that time to put lotion on? Not me.
But, we had a jar of coconut oil from Trader Joe’s that I made Brian buy, and it had been sitting there for weeks. I didn’t know what you were supposed to do with it, but I was determined we had to have it. It has like, 100 uses! I just didn’t know what to do with it. Ha!


So, after reaching past it for the millionth time in the pantry, I decided to use it to replace body lotion. Summer was turning into fall which means dry skin crying out for moisture, and why not use that big jar of coconut oil? So, after much struggle with getting it open, I scooped it out, and started applying.

It starts to melt immediately when it gets in your warm hand, so be prepared for that. But Oh. My. God. I LOVE it! It makes my skin glow, and it never dries out throughout the day. I even started using a little in my hair (on the ends) to see if it will keep it from getting so dry (so far, no luck, but I’m not putting a lot in there).
So, yes, there are 100 ways to use coconut oil, and I chose to use it to oil myself up every morning. It takes a little while for it all to soak in, so give yourself a little dry time (I let it soak in while I’m putting on my makeup). I’ve even found that the little bumps on the back of my arms that I get every winter are gone. Seriously, I love this stuff. Plus, I feel so organic when I use it. Like I’m giving a tree a little hug.

Ok, so here are some other ways to use it, other than for lotion and split end mending:

  1. Using it instead of olive oil. The debate continues as to whether or not it’s better than olive oil.
  2. To help with baby cradle cap
  3. Add equal parts of coconut oil and brown sugar for a body scrub
  4. Taken as a supplement
  5. Adding it to smoothies or coffee
  6. Whip it up in a blender with some jojoba and essential oil for a body cream
  7. Put it on the dry cracked hands that winter is so kind to give us all
  8. As a lip balm instead of chapstick (which can sometimes have some addictive ingredients)
  9. Apply to your cheekbones for a dewy cheek highlighter
  10. Run out of shaving cream? No worries, use this!
  11. Use a cotton ball to apply to eyes to remove eye makeup (bonus: it’s supposed to make your lashes longer and stronger!)
  12. Use it instead of that diaper rash cream full of unpronounceable ingredients for your sweet baby’s butt
  13. This is allegedly a stretch mark preventer. I will test this out further down the road 😉
  14. If you are breastfeeding, and get cracked nipples, you can apply coconut oil as an all natural reliever
  15. Mix with salt, and scrub those feet!
  16. Rub a tiny amount between your palms and apply to your frizzy or static-y hair
  17. Use it as aromatherapy
  18. If you don’t have any Neosporin, or are looking for a natural alternative, apply a small amount to minor cuts and scrapes
  19. Oil Pulling. I don’t do this, but apparently it’s real big in the all natural lifestyle
  20. Season your cast iron ware
  21. Oil motors around the house, like blenders, mixers, etc.
  22. Replace your WD-40 with coconut oil (and it smells better too!)
  23. Helps with the speed of sunburn
  24. Helps reduce cellulite
  25. Helps reduce varicose veins
  26. Stimulates hair growth when you massage your scalp with a small amount each day
  27. Add to apple cider vinegar as a natural treatment for lice
  28. Soothes the itch of poison ivy or chicken pox
  29. You can make deodarant out of it
  30. Rub into cuticles that are cracked or peeling
  31. Combine with baking soda and rub into skin in circular motions. Rinse for a nice glowing skin treatment
  32. Add a generous scoop into your bath for the ultimate soak. (add some Epsom salts and essential oil for an added bonus!)
  33. Revive that last bit of lipstick by scooping it out, adding a little coconut oil to it, allow it to set, and boom! Tinted lip balm
  34. Clean your makeup brushes- mix antibacterial soap and coconut oil for a good weekly cleaning
  35. Apply a thin layer to your skin to improve your acne
  36. Helps fight dandruff
  37. Make your own massage oil: warm it up, add a few drops of essential oil, and get to rubbing
  38. Get that wax off from your most recent wax job, wherever it may be
  39. Revive your patent leather
  40. Get gum out of your hair and carpet
  41. Clean metal items, bronze, and remove rust from steel
  42. Spruce up your guitar
  43. Get that stuck zipper unstuck
  44. Use it as salad dressing
  45. Replace your butter on toast with this and a sprinkle of cinnamon, yum!
  46. Add it to your popcorn instead of butter- sweet and salty!
  47. Mix with a little calendula for chafing
  48. Add a bit to your tea or coffee to soothe that sore throat
  49. It’s antibiotic properties help speed up the process of cold sores
  50. Bug bites are no longer itchy with a little rub of coconut oil
  51. coconut-oil-uses-2

Whew! There are like 500 more ways to use it, but you get the jist. There’s lots of ways to use coconut oil, so Get Ya Some!

What have you used your coconut oil for? I’d love to know!

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