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Melissa and Chris’s Beautiful Tallahassee Country Wedding

Melissa and Chris's Beautiful Tallahassee Country Wedding
Meet Chris, the track coach, and Melissa, the teacher. They worked together, flirted, and eventually accepted their fate. She was smitten by his good looks and sense of humor, and the ballsy bombshell that she is, she asked him out. Fast forward to a few months later, and he is proposing to her in front of the entire track team. A truly unforgettable  day for everyone[...]

Shawn and Rachel’s Monticello Wedding

The forecast called for 80% chance of rain, and just as we arrived, it started sprinkling. By the time we were all set up, it was full on pouring. But the Bride was glowing in the dimly lit historic house, and the pre-wedding photos were underway. Monticello has some of the most beautiful historic houses I've ever seen, and this one certainly was at the top of the [...]